Discovering Dante

A beta wolf who doesn’t need a mate.


Dante’s life has been going fine. He has a pack who accepts every growly part of him and a human family who loves him unconditionally. However, his pack brothers think he needs someone to have fun with. He disagrees.


A human who doesn’t know paranormals exist.


Those around Mira think she needs to date more, while she’s happy with the way things are. Then a man enters her life when she least expects it and has her second-guessing her desire to be alone.


Fated mates exist and Mira has found hers.


A war is coming. Dante doesn’t want Mira anywhere near it. She’s his now. His to keep safe. His to love. His to lay down his life for.


When the rival pack appears at their door, Dante fights with everything in him. But death always breathes down their necks.


Now to hope they all make it out of this alive.


Discovering Dante is a full-length novel and book two in the Avynwood Pack Origins series. It features a possessive beta shifter who growls more than he talks and a feisty heroine who loves with her whole heart. There are overprotective shifters, plenty of bloodshed, and steamy romance. Each book in the series revolves around a different couple and ends with a happily ever after.


Content warning for descriptive violence, abuse, anxiety, and assault.

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